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Movement Screening

Movement Screening

Movement screening is a method for evaluating the ability of a person to perform fundamental movement patterns.

Correct Imbalances

This screening process helps identify muscle imbalances, reduced flexibility, core stability weakness, neuromuscular control and balance problems that have all been identified as injury risk factors.

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The repetitive nature of modern lifestyles and the nature of most sports can lead to imbalances forming within the body, with certain areas in the body becoming tight and other areas "weak". These can eventually lead to pain, breakdown of tissues and chronic overuse injuries.

Nowadays more clients are asking how they can stay "injury free" when participating in their sport or day-to-day lifestyle. They want to know if there is anything they can do in terms of exercise that they can perform to try and remain injury free and maximise their performance in their sport.

The screening involves specific exercises, to identify musculoskeletal abnormalities that can reduce performance or lead to injury.

Identifying a person's inability to perform specific fundamental movements is important as it leads to injury related, compensatory, abnormal movement patterns. This screening process helps identify muscle imbalances, reduced flexibility, core stability weakness, neuromuscular control and balance problems that have all been identified as injury risk factors.

The performance matrix is a "breakthrough" movement and performance screening tool that assess the site, direction and threshold of uncontrolled movement through a series of functional tests. It has been developed to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury and re-injury in athletes of all ages, sports people and all active individuals.

It is used in top level sporting environments including:

  • Premier league football
  • Professional rugby
  • NBA Basketball
  • Elite Military units
  • Olympic Athletic squads

Benefits of a screening program and correction program:

  • You can rehabilitate imbalances and strengthen weakness with simple corrective exercises
  • Improve functional and athletic performances
  • Help reduce the potential for training and sports injuries
  • A base of core and dynamic stability to develop your strength and power training onto

What to expect from a Screening program:

  • Your physiotherapist will perform the screen
  • Each screening will take place on a individual basis
  • You will be required to undress to shorts and vest top.
  • The screening process is a series of highly standardised functional tests of both high threshold and low threshold tests.
  • All the data from the tests will be inputted into a specialist computer program and produce a full comprehensive reports which identify the site and direction and threshold of your uncontrolled movement or "weak links"
  • The report will also include a scoring system which allows comparison/ and or re-evaluation
  • The report will be explained to you, so you understand your " weak" links
  • Once we have identified the "weak" links an individually tailored exercise programme that you must commit to perform on a regular basis will be developed.
  • Explanation how these corrective exercises can be integrated into your current training programme and adjustments made if needed.

It is also important to understand that all individual results remain confidential and only under corporation is this information shared and discussed with coaches and trainers.

Gait analysis

Gait analysis provides runners with essential information about their running style. This is important however long they have been running, as only through knowing their running style will they be able to identify whether there is a common weak link or overuse that could be the cause for repetitive niggles or recurrent injury or reduced performance.

What is video gait analysis?

It involves running for a few minutes on a treadmill while a video is made of you running. This will be of the whole body and not just purely focused on your feet. This footage is then slowed down and analysed in detail by your physiotherapist who will explain the findings to you. From that they will devise a specific exercise programme for you to follow. This will help you to strengthen any weak areas and your correct any areas of uncontrolled movement. This should help to reduce pain, control areas of uncontrolled motion and enhance performance.